A neo-satire about youth, love and inheriting the earth. Set in a surreal anywheresville, bursting at the seams with peculiar young residents, Townsville is a glimpse into a city at a time of crisis. An albino elephant falls ill, a renegade romance is sparked and talent is the answer to any question. Townsville is all at once a memory and a fantasy, a warning and an apology. 

A unique fusion between Studio 58 students and The Chop, this intensely visual, interactive and highly kinetic piece showcases an exciting group of young Vancouver artists. 

A co-production by The Chop Theatre and Studio 58, presented at the 2008 Magnetic North Theatre Festival.

This is a show model The Chop developed for performance and training in theatre schools, acting programs and master classes. In this contemporary take on apathy and youth, The Chop brings the skeleton script and the students bring their own personal stories to create a new work that is synthesized training in boufoon, collective creation and verbatim theatre.

  • Co-creators - The Studio 58 ensemble & Anita Rochon

  • Director - Emelia Symington Fedy

  • Choreography - Chick Snipper

  • Performer - Rachel Aberle

  • Performer - Alecia Braun

  • Performer - Danny Coleman

  • Performer - Alisha Davidson

  • Performer - Rhys Finnick

  • Performer - Genevieve Fleming

  • Performer - Marlene Ginader

  • Performer - Joel Grinke

  • Performer - Ella Simon

  • Stage Manager - Jennifer Stewart

  • Lighting Designer - John Popkin

  • Costume Consultation - Marina Szijarto