The Voyageurettes

The Voyageurettes

The Voyageurettes¬†follows the grotesque exploits of two Canadian women explorers. Armed with only a canoe and their wits, these ladies are trying to conquer the “new world”. This physical comedy is for an all-ages community audience and is performed in a French and English influenced gibberish. Inspired by historical accounts from the era, this piece deals with need, greed and appropriation. Set to original music, the piece takes us on a lively journey into a bizarre historical landscape. These hilarious nasty women explore the heart and horror of colonialism in the¬†The Voyageurettes.

On April 7th, 8th and 9th 2006 The Chop presented a workshop of The Voyageurettes at the Trout Lake Community Centre.

  • Director - Manon Beaudoin

  • Dramaturge - James Fagan Tait

  • Performers - Emelia Symington Fedy and Anita Rochon

  • Original Music - Andrea Young

  • Costumes - Emma Carrico

  • Props and set - Robin Greenwood

  • Stage manager - Naomi Sider