The Hunt

The Hunt

This is the second and most fantastical of the Patti Fedy trilogy. Patti goes on a bloodthirsty hunt for an elusive unicorn that is said to have her greatest desire. Armed with only her pedal-less bicycle and her razor sharp wit, she goes on a bizarre journey in which she conquers faulty traps, lying virgins and her own shortcomings. Set to a quirky score by Canadian composer Andrea Young, this play is a satirical look at fear and a desperate search for happiness.

The Patti Fedy trilogy

These are a collection of plays starring Emelia Symington Fedy as Patti Fedy. The plays have toured Canada, winning numerous awards and garnered critical attention, calling Emelia Symington Fedy “the re-incarnation of Andy Kaufman”- CBC Winnipeg.

  • Co-creators - Emelia Symington Fedy & Anita Rochon

  • Performer - Emelia Symington Fedy

  • Director - Anita Rochon

  • Composer - Andrea Young



  • ""A gifted entertainer with a script that is both hilarious and thought-provoking, this is a must-see.”" - Times Colonist

  • "“Cheeky and irreverent, Patti inhabits a vaguely dysfunctional space somewhere between stand up comic and traditional clown. And she is able to take the best of both worlds."" - Edmonton Sun

Photo: Rob Seebacher