Lovers’ rock

Lovers’ rock

This is the final and most mature play in the Patti Fedy trilogy. Drawing from elements of stand-up and the bouffon tradition, this play is both caustic and poignant.

Patti’s moved out of her mom’s basement and is suffering a separation from her childhood best friend. Her isolation leads her down riotous searches for connection through sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

With a distinct reggae motif, this edition sees Patti growing up and hilariously come to terms with her new identity.

  • Created by - Emelia Symington Fedy & Anita Rochon

  • Performer - Emelia Symington Fedy

  • Director - Anita Rochon



  • ""Emelia Symington Fedy just be the re-incarnation of Andy Kaufman. 5 stars. Go.”" - CBC Winnipeg

Photo: Rob Seebacher