Last Dance Tango Salon

Last Dance Tango Salon

A sexy interactive installation performance for theatre lobbies, courtyards and public spaces within a festival setting. Last Dance Tango Salon invites audience members to dance with the performers while listening to a recording that plays seductive tango music as well as an interweaving and hypnotic narrative about lust, betrayal and longing in a small town.

All the performers have a personal story to tell that links up at significant moments so each audience member has a unique experience, depending who they dance with. From the outside the piece is just as intriguing — as four to five couples sway silently and exchange sweaty glances, while simultaneous gestures erupt only to break apart into a story that remains a secret until you dance the dance yourself. When on tour, The Chop collaborates with local performers to create this intimate audience encounter.

Great for festival openings, lobby interactivity and when you need a durational performance in a small space.

Presented at Showoff in Tremors 2007, Rumble Productions

  • Directors - Emelia Symington Fedy & Anita Rochon

  • Created and performed by

  • - Kelly Metzger

  • - Anna White

  • - Jeff Gladstone

  • - Andrew McNee

  • Sound Design - Antoine Bédard