Pe Prepared to Fall in Love

Pe Prepared to Fall in Love

The first of the acclaimed Patti Fedy trilogy. Patti is looking for love in all the wrong places. Armed with a portable ballet barre and bizarre dance moves Patti entertains the audience while waiting for her first ever dance audition. With her signature stand-up improv and irreverent charm, Patti works her goals to the max.

  1. To fall in love
  2. To make friends
  3. To become a famous dancer

 Patti woos the audience into loving her with her cracked self-image and raw candor.

The Patti Fedy trilogy

These are a collection of plays starring Emelia Symington Fedy as Patti Fedy. The plays have toured Canada, winning numerous awards and garnered critical attention, calling Emelia Symington Fedy “the re-incarnation of Andy Kaufman”.

  • Creator & performer - Emelia Symington Fedy


  • ""Emelia Symington Fedy’s commitment to her alter ego goes down to the tips of her bird-like fingers, creating a soft yet hysterical clown show about love, friends and being genuine."" - Now Magazine