2 Truths + 1 Lie = Proof

2 Truths + 1 Lie = Proof

A father and daughter team up to perform excerpts from Proof, by David Auburn. Armed with an old walkman, each audience member listens to a cassette containing a recording of the family members telling two truths and one lie about their personal lives, in tandem with watching them perform in character.

Can you guess the truth? Does your knowledge of their dirty secrets affect the way you watch them perform? This piece delivers an intimate experience with the performers while experimenting with how personal history affects public performance.

This piece was created as a commission from Rumble Productions for HIVE in 2006. HIVE was a multifaceted performance installation event that took place in Vancouver featuring the city’s most innovative creation-based theatre companies.

  • Director - Emelia Symington Fedy

  • Performers - Anita Rochon & Paul Rochon

  • Sound Designer - Antoine Bédard


  • "Here is some scintillating theatre: A father flies across the county to perform, generously and stiltedly, in his daughter's creation. His performance, then, becomes beautiful, much more beautiful and moving than had it been expertly executed. It's in these kind of ruptures that the classical notions of virtuosity give way and we see, instead, virtuosity in conception that forces us into an encounter with something real actually unfolding in front of us." - Darren O'Donnell, Canadian Theatre Review

Photos: Tim Matheson